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Who We Are & What We Do

Love Thy Neighbor is a NON-PROFIT (501 C3) organization that offers support and services to needy families and local Medical Patients who can not afford the cost, time or energy to maintain their household.

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Our Mission

We focus on the home so they can focus on family and healing. We offer routine house cleaning services to every one of our "Neighbors in Need" and to help make the lives of our neighbors easier by shouldering the burden of daily life.

Who We Serve

Tampa Bay & St. Petersburg Area Residents: The Cancer Stricken (Breast, Prostate, Brain, Liver, Kidney, etc...) patient undergoing treatment or The Wounded Veteran. The single Mom or Dad with terminally ill or handicapped children..

Our Vision

To go above and beyond by also locating and providing a vast network of local businesses such as:
- Air conditioning
- Plumbing
- Pest control
- Carpet cleaning
- Auto repair and more.
We work with patients and families to schedule and co-ordinate all of these services to intertwine with treatment and healing.




    Posted by : Jodi

    If you are a service company that can help Love Thy Neighbor or you want to just help, please call them! They are so helpful for the handicapped, the disabled and medical patients.

    Posted by : Nona

    I have eplepsy and a broken back. Joanne and the girls came to help me since I cannot bend anymore. They are wonderful people doing wonderful things to help those who cannot help themselves!

    Posted by : Deb

    Cancer treatments left me with too little energy for home cleaning chores. Referred by my doctor's staff to the volunteer professional people with Love Thy Neighbor, they did dishes, vacuuming, dusting, laundry — they were wonderful.

    Posted by : Tom

    I came home from the war, disabled. Love Thy Neighbor helped with so many things that I can't thank them enough.

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Love Thy Neighbor, Inc.

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....You shall love your neighbor as yourself " - Matthew


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Partnerships Build Trust!

Interested in becoming a Partner?

Love Thy Neighbor is now looking for companies to become partners. Not only gifts of service, but with monthly pledges so that they can help people here in the Tampa Bay area to see the results. A pledge of 20 to 50 dollars a month is not only tax deductible, its rewarding…as a partner your company name will be mentioned and displayed on all our fundraising events and press releases to the media.

Won’t you join us in making the Tampa Bay area, not only the world's best area to live in, but the newest area of brotherly love?
Join Love Thy Neighbor by pledging your service or donation today.

Anything will help us make this dream become a reality!!! If you would like to donate please call 727.384.MAID(6243)

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